What my clients say

“I found the session to be beyond what I had possibly expected. It opened me up to a different way of thinking about and approaching life – quite remarkable to be honest”.


 “Untangling past thinking – now living in new ways”

“From the first time I stepped into the field I felt safely held for whatever I needed to express. The field offered me the freedom and space to explore. Being with the horses slowed my mind down to allow a deeper awareness of myself to surface.

Each horse, representing someone or something significant in my life, became my teacher as I observed my reactions to them. I experienced some close encounters offering me love and strength to move forward in my life.

Midi paid close attention to my experiences and inner responses, tracking alongside me with the horses. I let go of former unhelpful thinking and opened myself up to new, more comfortable ways of living as new realizations emerged and were witnessed. I am so grateful for this experience as it has changed me.”

Lynda, Awakening Through Horses

“A very dear friend put me in contact with Midi when I was going through a very tough period in my life. I connected with her from the very first session and she was able to give me some real insights into my situation which I had not been able to figure out myself. She has a lovely, calming, intelligent voice which helps the healing and she believes in the link between mental and physical health, which so many conventional doctors seem to ignore. I look forward to all of my sessions with her, and even when the appointment is finished, the true work has only just begun. She gives me enough food for thought to last me for weeks. What I really like about Midi is that she doesn’t just listen and remain silent, she also gives her point of view and questions me when needed. I am a different person to the one I was when I started with her, and I really believe that I am quite a bit closer to committing to my true self than I was a year ago. Thank you Midi, I have nothing but respect and admiration for what you do”.

Ana, Counselling

“I came out of my head and moved to a heart based thinking which dramatically changed the session. This is one of the best and most meaningful experiences I have had. The connection between ourselves and animals can have a much deeper meaning than expected”.

Steve, Awakening Through Horses

“Midi is someone I have known for a long time and I highly respect her judgement and professionalism; I was very comfortable placing myself in her hands. Recently I have been having a course of psychotherapy, and so some of my long standing issues immediately surfaced during this session, and I felt confident that Midi would understand exactly where I was at, as she did, even though I found it hard to articulate the strong emotion I was feeling. She remained open, occasionally asking open questions. Having had therapy, and having been a practising therapist myself for 30 years, it was very interesting to have an experience that, in the most gentle way, was so exposing. I also think that being with horses somehow allows access to the child within us which is where much trauma lies and can be worked on in that state. Being with a horse I don’t know, and lacking the same skills I have with humans, exposed my vulnerability in a way in which I don’t normally allow – I don’t allow those feelings to surface normally. I know I have emotional pain, but the session put me in touch with it. I’m taking away an awareness of my need to elicit responses in order to feel safe”.

Sarah, Awakening Through Horses

“I am so impressed as to how Intuitive horses are. It was a really wonderful experience being with Sultan. I felt a strong bond developed during the session between us. I think we built up a feeling of mutual respect and need for space being with and also away from each other. A feeling of deep and inner calmness came over me and I think Sultan felt this too and I am sure my heart rate went down! I was very happy to watch him and his body movements and felt totally in the moment which is very relaxing and also allowed a deeper understanding of how I was feeling. I thought I might have been quite emotional as I have had a bit of a stressful time over the past 2 weeks but actually quite the opposite happened, as I felt stronger and calmer and happier!”

Anne, Awakening Through Horses

“Midi Fairgrieve’s equine assisted therapy will make you grow in unexpected ways.
This is what happen to me. I knew I wanted to work with the theme of bringing more of myself to my professional and personal life. In my session, Midi unveiled where I was holding myself back. She gently asked me questions as I was engaging with her horse, Sultan. This brought me to a critical insight: I was over-thinking my next move with Sultan so he would accept me rather than simply following my natural urge to walk up and hug him. The over-thinking didn’t bring Sultan any closer, in fact, he was repelled by my offering him my hand to smell. I was sure that if I followed my wish to hug him, as Midi suggested, Sultan would run away.
But it was exactly the opposite! He stayed right there as I embraced his neck and snuggled up to his head. The rest of the session was like a dream connecting with this extremely sensitive and noble animal. I’ve since been more mindful of when I’m thinking too much rather than listening to my inner urges. Those around me can sense a difference. It’s a profound shift in just one session. I highly recommend to anyone who is interested in personal growth to take this incredible opportunity to work with Midi and her horses and discover another world.”

Heath, Awakening Through Horses