Progressive Counselling

1:1 sessions with Midi Fairgrieve

Helping you connect to the wisdom inside

Getting to the depth of a situation with love and understanding

Counselling with Midi 

I have found that many people benefit from having a mix of sessions with the horses along with counselling sessions to help them explore more deeply what emerged for them during their time with the horses. Both sessions stand alone but a combination of approaches can offer a broader and longer term option for anyone looking for taking their personal growth to an even deeper level.

I qualified in Progressive Counselling in 1995 after receiving counselling myself to help overcome an emotional trauma in my late teens which was still resonating in me so many years on and affecting much of my life and relationships.  The freedom I felt and the re-connection to myself I experienced following progressive counselling was a deeply spiritual and life enriching process and the catalyst for me to train myself so that I could help others. 

I was drawn to the description of Progressive Counselling as being ‘an intuitive art, requiring a great depth of wisdom, understanding and unconditional love’. The rewards were incredible, not only did my own intuition develop and grow, I was able to help people at a much greater depth of awareness and this is the way I work with clients; getting to the depth and truth of a situation with love and understanding.  

Progressive Counselling can be described as touching the spiritual essence of a person as well as the mental, emotional and physical levels. It helps you to connect to your innate sense of who you are and find self-alignment and self-understanding. I support you to come out of the analytical head and into a more heart based, intuitive place within.

Without being aware of it, we can become separated from ourselves, living in the head and disconnected from our hearts. Difficult experiences and traumas that happen to us can cause us to disconnect from our feelings and intuition as a way of protection, but this also disconnects us from feeling the joy of life and the deeper meaning of our lives. Although we can intellectually understand a situation, progressive counselling can help you to access a higher level of internal truth by fully connecting to the wisdom of your intuition. By coming to understand and accept the deeper meaning within a situation you can use it positively as a means of personal progress. As we work together, there is often a very big shift in the way you view the circumstances that first led you to counselling. You are able to gain clarity and move forward in your life. This is progressive counselling.

I work with both short term issues which may only need a few sessions to resolve, as well as long term issues which may take a number months of commitment to regular sessions to work through. Combining counselling with the equine facilitated sessions can be a lovely way to work through long held or traumatic issues. 

I’m often asked what sort of things can counselling and / or equine facilitated sessions help with, and the answer is simpler than people may expect because the idea of the sessions is to support you to connect to you own inner knowing, to find your own answers and therefore anything can be helped from past trauma, bereavement, relationship difficulties, tackling life after divorce, depression, anxiety, finding your life direction, to fully embracing your life’s potential.


Progressive counselling sessions are £60.00 (approx. 50 mins)   


The Whole Works Complementary Therapy and Counselling Centre, Edinburgh. 

I also offer counselling online via ZOOM / Skype / WhatsApp.

“A very dear friend put me in contact with Midi when I was going through a very tough period in my life. I connected with her from the very first session and she was able to give me some real insights into my situation which I had not been able to figure out myself. She has a lovely, calming, intelligent voice which helps the healing and she believes in the link between mental and physical health, which so many conventional doctors seem to ignore. I look forward to all of my sessions with her, and even when the appointment is finished, the true work has only just begun. She gives me enough food for thought to last me for weeks.

What I really like about Midi is that she doesn’t just listen and remain silent, she also gives her point of view and questions me when needed. I am a different person to the one I was when I started with her, and I really believe that I am quite a bit closer to committing to my true self than I was a year ago. Thank you Midi, I have nothing but respect and admiration for what you do”.

Ana, 2019