Group Sessions with the Horses

Spending time with horses

Horses have the capacity to heal humans in deep and life changing ways

Horses offer insights into a more simplistic way of living; experiencing their pace of life and way of being can benefit you in more ways than you might imagine

Group sessions with the horses

Awakening Through Horses – one off and monthly 3hr sessions in the field

The group sessions are slightly different to the individual ones and are in essence a meditation or mindfulness session in which we explore different ways of being with yourself through the influence of nature and the herd of horses. By spending time with the horses in their natural environment and on their terms you are able to observe their world as well as interact within it. The horses remind you to breath and be still and in those moments you can find yourself again.

3 hr meditation/mindfulness wellbeing sessions The sessions are an opportunity to step away from the busy human world and immerse yourself in nature and with the horses and experience their pace of life. When we are able to drop the busy analytical mind and become fully present, our experience of the moment changes and our perspective on things also changes. Being outside with horses, near the sea, these sessions offer an instinctively natural way to facilitate a sensory and conscious shift within you. No matter what the weather is doing come and discover what it truly means to be present to yourself and the environment whilst learning how to bring this into everyday life.

The sessions offer the potential to:

  • Learn how to relax and quieten your mind
  • Learn how to observe your mind and how this can be helpful when it comes to managing your mind, emotions and behaviours
  • Learn about horses and nature
  • Learn tools to take away and practice by yourself as a way of integrating them into a daily way of being
  • Explore/reflect on personal/professional issues
  • Learn how to increase your resilience in life 

Through learning from the horses and observing how the horses cope with and experience their environment we can start to have insights for ourselves about our own lives and take what we learn during the session with the herd into our everyday life.

Who can come?

These sessions are suited to anyone interested in their own personal/professional development. No previous horse experience is necessary but if you are nervous of horses then I’d recommend having an individual session first.

The group sessions can be attended on a one off or 0n a regular basis, however the sessions do build on each other and so having regular sessions can help you to thoroughly learn and integrate what the horses and nature have to show you.

There’s a maximum of 4 people per group to ensure all participants are fully supported through this process.

If you would like to reconnect to nature and learn more about the horses’ relationship to nature and the elements and what that can teach you about yourself then come and join us! 

“I feel blessed to be able to spend time with the horses almost every day and observe their lives throughout each season and in all weathers. Being outside with the horses has an almost immediate calming effect on me and I have learnt so much from simply slowing down and being around them.  Every season and weather change brings a new challenge for the horses and with it valuable insights into how they cope both as a group and individually. Horses have much to share with us if we slow down and open ourselves up to the experience.” Midi Fairgrieve


Saturday afternoons – 2pm-5pm – 28th August, 2nd October, 30th October.

Some clients find it helpful to have an online counselling session between the group sessions in the field so that we can explore more deeply your experience with the horses and what you can take from the experience into your life.


£75 per person – 3 hours



The horses live near Tyninghame in East Lothian and I hold the group sessions here in a beautiful area of biodiversity close to the sea. All the sessions are outside in the field, in nature with the horses and go ahead no matter the weather so participants should consider this when booking. You will need to have waterproof clothing including trousers if it rains and warm clothing including gloves, hat etc. on cold days as there is no turning back once we are out with the horses! If attending in the heat please make sure you bring appropriate clothing to protect you from the sun.