About the Sessions

Gain insights and realisations

Horses have an uncanny ability to reflect our internal experience in a way that allows us to grow and learn about ourselves

No previous experience of horses is necessary.. People with a fear of horses are welcome! 

About Awakening Through Horses

Awakening Through Horses is a type of Equine Assisted Therapy – it’s an opportunity to reconnect to your natural, authentic self. The horses remind you to breath and be still and in those moments you can find yourself again. Horses can be a mirror for whatever is going on in your life because from the moment you step into their presence, they sense you. They attune to you and see you for who you really are, without judgement. It can seem almost magical the way they are able to pick up on your inner thoughts and feelings and instantly reflect them back to you. In this way, time spent with a horse can give you deep insights and realizations about yourself, how you relate to others and to the world around you.

The experience of being with a horse, with no agenda, just time spent being together, can support you to resolve stuck issues in your life, overcome blocks and gain a new sense of self and inner confidence. Working with horses is an opportunity to experience the transformational healing power of the horse, outside of the traditional therapeutic environment.

Horses connect us back to ourselves

Horses respond to the energy and environment around them which makes them exceptionally skilled at identifying and reflecting the parts of us we suppress or deny. Like saying we feel ‘fine’ when in truth we feel something different. One reason horses are so adept at reading us is because as a prey animal their survival depends on reading their environment, including us, to check for danger. When we bring horses into a facilitated personal development situation, they will respond to whatever we are energetically presenting and give us immediate non-verbal feedback about ourselves.

People often put on a brave face or smile on the outside, when they are feeling the opposite on the inside. Horses see through this in-congruent state and it’s through their response to you which helps bring your true feelings into conscious awareness. These insights and realisations offered by the horse allows you to be able to process them, perhaps for the first time.

This new awareness helps you reconnect to your authentic self and offers a greater understanding of who you are. It’s a beautiful feeling, like coming ‘home’ to yourself.

An Awakening Through Horses session can help you:

  • Become more present and grounded
  • See patterns of behaviour which are no longer helpful
  • Become more aware of your emotions and feelings
  • Realise how you come across to others, in relationship and to the world around you.
  • Find stillness within and in that stillness, find your own answers
  • Become aware of incongruencies in your behaviour
  • Listen to and trust your intuition through connecting more deeply to yourself
  • Overcome fears and become aware of personal boundaries 
  • Go on a journey of self discovery